Tilak Poudel (Science Teacher cum school coordinator

Swami Satchidananda says, "If you think you
can get the answer and directions from within, fine do that" Your own mind acts as guru if it's clean enough. Ultimately, the guru is within."
In Sanskrit 'gu' means darkness or ignorance and 'ru' means the remover. Guru is the remover of darkness.Literally, guru means a teacher.
In present age the run for personality, leaving individuality behind has suppressed tc thought of a divine level of guru-disciple relationship. The students as well as teachers are on the way of showing them good instead of being good. The run has caged them into a -narrower sphere of masked personalities.
If it is said 'My guru has a nice face, or a said head or a long beard you're talking in terms of physical body. If a long beard were qualifications, all goats having long beards could be the gurus. A guru is a good transmitter and good receiver. But the outside guru will not actually take you to the goal; he can only show you the way. You have to walk. If you are hungry, you have to eat; a guru can't eat for your sake; he can only show you where the food is available.'
In my personal teaching experience, teacher-student relationship can tune only if both of them vibrate at same amplitude and frequency. It's up to you to make the person your guru. He won't come to you and say, "I want to be your guru." He feels he is still a learner himself.
Sometimes he might seem like a ferocious animal, wild and angry. You might lose faith in such a person. You may not know why he is acting that way. He has reasons to bring certain benefits to you.
You can't just know your teacher by using your head. Listen to your heart. It's a certain feeling, a natural attraction.
The same holds for a guru. A guru can spread himself in many forms, the students.

They seem to have apparent heads with no hearts though the modern technologies present them as virtual gurus. They can't in any sense quench the divine thirst of knowledge seekers, for there is no feeling.
Reality is masked today, but it is not exhausted. There is always a hope, rather belief, that if practised, the divine relationship can be nurtured soon through a holy practice.
A real teacher should be able to swipe the darkness of heads and hearts but should not play with them. All the divine-hearts should be exercised to co-ordinate the heads to reach the peak of brilliance.
The result can not be obtained without understanding their feelings. Give these tiny hearts and brains a challenge with an eagerness and energy to face and overcome it. Make them sure that the way is appropriate with exemplification, otherwise, why should they follow it? Maintain a suitable gap to avoid the emotional scratches which may distort the real journey of their success.
A teacher is regarded successful only on the success of his disciples. Many many thanks to you all who have let me live within you!!!

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