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"Duty, Discipline & Devotion"

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“An ideal school to enhance intelligence with character

. [Admission is being taken from Nursery to grade VIII  on merit basis for the new academic session.]









































About Aster:

Aster Academy is a co-educational English medium secondary school. It was founded in 1983 with a view to make global education and opportunities available at local level.

We strive for sound academic system so that we stand at par with other well renowned institutions globally.  With a motto of "Duty, Discipline & devotion", we believe in delivering a quality education through a participatory approach, where each student gives in his/her best to learn and each teacher contributes his/her best to make them learn. Because, when our children are intellectually sound, morally upright and physically fit only then will they grow up to become responsible, promising and productive citizens of tomorrow. That is why we employ the latest and the most up-to-date technology in our day to day education approach.

We aim to bring a positive difference in the fast changing world of today and provide an academic platform for individuals to grow practically and rationally so that they can eventually deliver in the global arena.

Location: It is located 200 metres east from the ring road,Gwarko Chowk, (adjacent to the Kist Hospital.)



Our mission is to deliver optimum quality education in order to develop a reputed institution that produces the responsible citizens contributing to the general benefit of the country.



The vision of Aster is to introduce the largest, the most practical, innovative and productive education system in the country with the collective involvement of national and international collaborations.



We believe not in making every pupil successful but in making them capable so that they can handle defeat and learn from it and strive to win.






Our Key Aims:

Ø  To achieve brilliance in academics.

Ø  To provide creative opportunities by helping students set a goal and by giving them various means and measures to achieve it.

Ø  To establish a new, improved and more scientific approach based institution where every child is a priority.

Ø  To equip students with the necessary skills that will help them to tackle every kind of challenges.

Ø  To create conducive and cozy environment in which learning is considered to be fun, rather than an arduous task.

Ø  To foster love and passion for learning and to encourage students to be inquisitive.

Ø  To instill in students, sense of world consciousness.

Ø  To collaborate with national and international schools that have made a mark in the education field in order to come up with a multidimensional and resourceful education network through Global School Partnership (GSP)                                                                         


Why Aster?

Ø  Pre-primary level comprises experienced and    Montessori trained teachers.               

Ø  Provision for Pre-Primary Lunch at an affordable rate in order to provide hygienic and nutritious food and to foster healthy feeding habits in them.

Ø  ICT education system.

Ø  Supportive audio- visual aids in teaching.

Ø  Sophisticated computer and science labs.                                                                           

Ø  Library containing volumes of encyclopedia, child crafts, national geography and various story books                                                       

Ø  Co-curricular programs such as debate competition, spelling competition held regularly.

Ø  Extra- curricular activities such as dance, yoga, music, drawing classes, sport classes run regularly.

Ø  Excursion and educational tours to gain practical knowledge from field trip.

Ø  Social projects and initiatives by the school, student club and network.

Ø  Skills for adolescence (SFA) classes being conducted by the trained SFA teacher.

Ø  Global school partnership (GSP) program developed to exchange school’s programs with partner school in the UK.

Ø  Transportation facility within the valley.


Fee Rules and Mode of Payment:

It is to be noted that the registration fee payment is a one time affair and the annual fee payment is yearly. The fee amounts are subjected to revision, as advised by the school management from time to time. School fees for the whole year can be paid at once, in prepaid installments or in monthly basis.



School timing:


Ø  Pre-Primary Level :   9: 15 am to 3:00 pm

Ø  Primary & Lower

Secondary Level:       9:15 am to 3:20 pm

Ø  Secondary Level :      9:15 am to 4:00 pm


Assessment System:

Regular unit tests, monthly tests and four terminal examinations.


For further details:

Aster Academy

Gwarko, Imadol, Lalitpur                                                             

Tel : 00977-01-5202938                                                            

P.O Box : 2564,Kathmandu


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