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Our mission is to deliver optimum quality education in order to develop a reputed institution that produces the responsible citizens contributing to the general benefit of the country.



The vision of Aster is to introduce the largest, the most practical, innovative and productive education system in the country with the collective involvement of national and international collaborations.



We believe not in making every pupil successful but in making them capable so that they can handle defeat and learn from it and strive to win.


  • Teaching Methodology

    •    Our staff includes Montessori trained female teachers who provide nursery and primary students with a nurturing learning environment.

    •    Trained and experienced teachers ensure that students of all levels are taught with passion and devotion.

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  • General Rules & Regulations

    •    Students are required to attend school in the appropriate uniform.
    •    Students are to be punctual in attending morning assembly.
    •    Foul language and inappropriate behaviours are strictly not tolerated in school and in the school bus.

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Especial Features
  1. 1)Pre-primary level compr
  2. 2) Sophisticated computer
  3. Skills for adolescence (S
  4. 4)Global school partnersh
  5. 5) Information communicat
  6. 6) Padding pools for pre-
  7. 7) Library containing vol
  8. 8) Various co-curricular
  9. 9) Students have been inv
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