Founder Principal Pushpa Gurung

Dear Parents, Students and Community,
Aster Academy welcomes you; it has taken me 26 years to write this message. However, since Aster first opened its doors to the public, we have achieved a lot. All this would not have been possible, without the input from parents, students and most importantly, all the staff at Aster, without their team work, dedication and hard work would have been possible.
Sitting for the school board examination and heading off to University are common expectations for all the students and their parents. However, performing well in examinations should not be the ultimate aim, for that is not what education is about. In today's times, education should provide us with the tools that are necessary for coping with challenges that may come our way.
We strive to dedicate ourselves in creating an environment that is harmonious and abundant with ample opportunities for success. We firmly believe that everyone has the potential to succeed and as long as one puts in hard work, success is surely to be achieved.
Our belies are in nurturing education of quality. We have great expectations from our children to adopt an enthusiasm for team work spirit and learning. We hope for them to adopt a strong and positive belief in striving for advancement in adversity as well as an attitude of a considerate citizen.
In the near future, Aster will open its door for 10+2 students. We will also be providing more extra­curricular activities and make foreign languages available for our students. Also, Aster is planning for a special educational needs department in order to cater to students with learning difficulties.

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