Director Deepraj Gurung

I am very pleased to let every concern know about Aster Academy at this moment . Since its establishment i.e., 1993, it has been firmly sticking with its motto at producing dutyfull, disciplined & devoted students till date. It has become renowned because it never compermises in providing quality education to its products. As a result, it has been achieving 100 % S.L.C result with flying colors every year. In the same regard, it has been honored with an 'Appreciation Letter' on the ground of one of the best schools in Lalitpur by the Ministry of Education, Nepal every year. It has also served the community at affordable school fees with all round required facilities for the overall development of an individual student. It has never been backward to implement practical teaching ,learning approach with its qualified and dedicated teaching crew. It's mission is to provide a learning community where there is quality education, care and access in order to promote each student's intellectual, social .emotional and spiritual development. Children in pre-primary and primary levels enjoy learning in a very pleasant environment by playing, touching things and feeling, inside the modern kinderworld which comprises with more advanced modern teaching and learning equipments. Its infrastructural facilities are now in favour of the school to set for running+2 which is in progress. Students in Aster are not limited only within the four walls of a classroom but also they get an ample opportunity to explore their innate talents by takind part in various E.G.A activites. Students from this platform have been awarded nationally and internationally.
It is now at its well-stand because of parents/guardian, students, teachers and well-wishers constant genuine co-operation and good will which is ever expected in near future as well.

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